The original Prof. Wolfff album was recorded during october 1971 and produced by Jonas Porst (Ihre Kinder manager). The album contains five tracks...

“Led by a great raw guitar sound and classical-styled hammond organ,Hetzjagd’, showcases the bands ability to piece together various elements into an accessible track.Hans Im Glück’ contains more prominent hammond organ... The two shorter tracks ‘Missverstaendnis’ andDas Zimmer’ are lighter fare and contain poppy chorus vocals... Finally, the album closes with'Weh’ Uns’', a heavier track containing a hard progressive sound highlighted by guitar solos and classical motifs. As a bonus, the Second Battle CD reissue contains the shortened radio mix ofHetzjagd’..

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hetzjagd >  (9:59) schickle/zech/schweizer

hans im glück > (7:46) schweizer/zech

missverständnis > (4:05) schweizer/schweizer

das zimmer > (4:52) schweizer/schweizer

weh' uns > (9:48) schweizer/schweizer

hetzjagd/radio mix > (3:17) schickle/zech/schweizer

CD cover by Günter Blum