"Prof. Wolfff, that's  just a gag name. We have made up all kinds of stories about this character so far, and we will make up more of them for sure."  Klaus-Peter Schweizer who resists mental roundabouts, talks about things as they are. For him this job is a kind of  life's task and way of being, as Prof. Wolfff  is not one of those progressive tra-la-la bands, strumming strings to fulfill the expectations of a specific audience. Klaus-Peter Schweizer: “We are asking for more than just being a music consumer, that's why we sing German lyrics - of course, it would be much easier for us to sing in English - but we want to be understood. It may sound pretty rehashed, but we are serious, when we say that we want to give something back to the folks. They should actually reflect on things more than they usually do.”


Prof. Wolfff sing about the influence of mass media, inappropriate police interference, your own cosy room, about "Hans im Glueck" and the little piece of individual liberty, that everybody believes they possess.


The band has quite a realistic point of view when it comes to setting critical songs within this hectic period of actual history. Detlev Zech puts it this way: "Whether the songs are new, revolutionary or have any other impact on the audience, it ultimately doesn't matter, because it is quite difficult to get anywhere with just a song. We are politically interested, but i guess it's nonsense to think that we need to put any of our songs into a political context. We are already demanding a lot from the audience.”


The 16 - 20 years old respond the best. They have not been put into molds yet, as is with the older generation, who became involved in the hunt for material values. Is this a declaration of the failure of the German music scene, or rather an insight into the incapacity to influence broader historical time spans? Klaus-Peter Schweizer says: "Our songs grow out of discussions. So far we've been singing about problematic situations in daily life. At the moment we are working on lyrics that deal with the old people in our country. But we can't say, when the song will be finished, it has to grow slowly. With their first album, Prof. Wolfff have set new heights, bringing together rock music and German lyrics. The guys from Ulm are part of a group of demanding musicians - like Floh de Cologne and Guru Guru - who are not satisfied with just a good sound.


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