NEW RELEASE 11 / 11 / 2011

Prof. Wolfff vinyl LP reissue at collector records.


On a pretty normal day in 2002, our ex-manager showed up and handed me over a copy of the digipak reissue of the Prof. Wolfff album (originally released in 1972)... no explanations, i was stunned, after all these years in oblivion.


Romi, ex-organ player with Prof. Wolfff, remixed the original songs for a digipack reissue, which was released in 1998 on the label Second Battle I was completely unaware of all these events, because i had been living miles away in Southern France since 1988. When i returned to Germany in 2001, i didn’t have the slightest idea about the strong interest here in the old analogue 70s krautrock music, which in turn contributed to reactivating quite a few of the bands from those days.

Just for curiosity i tapped ‘Prof. Wolfff’ into the google search, and what a surprise... pages and pages and pages packed with online stores, selling the Prof. Wolfff digipak reissue, with krautrock data bases/lexica/collections and with the links to young generation bloggers and myspacers, providing positive feed back - from Germany via France, Spain, Rumania, Israel to the USA, South America, and also a Japanese website, hosting an mp3 player with the Prof. Wolfff songs. I even discovered that the original Prof. Wolfff album was out for bidding on ebay for about 400.- euros (real collectors rates!)... but there was hardly any information about the band.

again stunned... young people around the planet are interested in ‘progressive krautrock’, and some of them even in the music of Prof. Wolfff... that’s cool...


Originally, my intention was to create a MySpace site, for sure, only with the agreement of all the other ex-Prof. Wolfff musicians. But the more i thought about it, the idea of a web site came to my mind. A site that would provide in-depth information on the Prof. Wolfff krautrock adventure of the early 70s (i.e. photos, videos, lyrics, interviews). Here it comes...enjoy the time machine.

Friedrich Herrmann (aka Glorian) for Prof. Wolfff

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