Prof. Wolfffensemble


Prof.Wolfff Ensemble is a follow up version, including Friedrich Herrmann (bass/vocals), Romi Schickle (organ/e-piano) and Peter Bochtler (a gifted young drummer). Prof. Wolfff Ensemble extensively toured German clubs and did festival gigs with a set of various musicians (a.o. Helmut Binzer/guitar, ex-Metropolis/Berlin), later with Joe Rodius from Berlin on guitar.  No more german lyrics this time, but mainly instrumental music, influenced by jazz and fusion music of the early 70s.


The Prof. Wolfff Ensemble split in 1974, and Friedrich Herrmann reactivated Prof. Wolfff (lll) in Munich/Germany during the second half of the 70s, performing with Alex Gruenwald (keyboards/Münchener Freiheit), Wolfgang Mathias (drums/ex-Erna Schmidt), and later Freddy Setz (drums/ex-Aera). With various musicians from the Munich scene and from the Embryo (Edgar Hoffmann, sax/flutes), Munju (Jürgen Benz, sax) and Missus Beastly (Jan Zelinka, drums) pool of musicians, their music changed again towards rock/fusion/jazz, with predominant parts of improvisation and interactive stuff at festivals, that included the audience. The Prof. Wolfff adventure definitely came to a close in 1982.